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Smile for the Camera, or Facebook?

In this week’s article we look at a new feature that has caused somewhat of an uproar for Facebook users. Facial recognition was implemented in December 2010 and it’s now reached the United States, but some are finding its purpose meaningless. The feature becomes available when newly uploaded photos are added to either your account or your friends. Once you or your friend uploads a new image, the facial recognition scans the photo to try and match other photos you’re tagged in. It groups similar photos and then suggests the friends who appear in them. Let’s say your friend had a graduation party and instead of having to tag the grad 50 times, facial recognition will group similar photos with him or her in it and all you do is hit “Save” to apply the tag.

Some are arguing this infringes on their privacy because without being clearly notified of this feature, Facebook’s enabled it for all its users. The article states you can easily turn the feature off if you don’t wish to be suggested for tags. You can still be tagged by your friends, but the facial recognition suggestion won’t appear for your name when friends tag their photos. This article also relates to the default privacy topic I touched on 2 weeks ago. Some users agree that Facebook should have a default privacy setting once an account is created. The user should ultimately have the last word as to what they wish others to see or what they put public. In all honesty, the new feature does have its perks when you’re uploading multiple photos and allowing its users to save time to use toward other activities.  Some think it’s pointless, but more of a privacy problem. What do you think if you’ve used the feature or do you think this is more a privacy issue? Leave a comment; I’d like to hear what you think!

For a complete look at the article and to learn how to turn off this feature, click on the link below. Thank you again for reading this week everyone. Enjoy the weather!



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