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To Tweet Or To Update To Facebook?

Good morning blog followers,

Did you or have you been feeding your Tweets through your Facebook accounts? If so or if you have yet to do this, I come to say to hold off on trying this method. In this week’s article we look at six reasons why you shouldn’t have your Tweets forwarded to your Facebook.

Just to name a few, if you’re a business, try not to have your Tweets come through your Facebook because you should try and customize personal messages for each account. You want your Twitter messages to be different from your Facebook updates because there are different people you’re trying to connect with through each site. Also, if your friends don’t have Twitter accounts they won’t be as savvy with the lingo and therefore will have a hard time understanding what your tweets mean. The #hashtags and @replies are confusing so try and limit what you share. It’s understandable if you want to share a tweet because it contains valuable information that your Facebook status updates may not state, but do this at a minimum. All in all, keep your accounts separate and only combine when its most effective to do so.

For a more in depth look at all the reasons, please click on the link below. Until next week everyone!

Six Reasons You Should NOT Feed Your Twitter Stream Into Your Facebook Stream


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