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Groupon or Facebook to Get Your Coupon Fix?

In this day and age everyone is interested in saving a penny. If you’ve seen the TLC series “Extreme Couponing,” you’d understand why. To some people it’s a sort of “high” if you will, to save money on their purchases. Facebook is trying to get in with the coupon shoppers this week as they launch their new application, “Facebook Deals.” The feature is currently only running deals in:Austin,TX;Dallas,TX;Atlanta,GA;San Diego,CAandSan Francisco,CAdue to its prototype stage.

Sites such as Groupon or Living Social are geared toward coupon shoppers. If you head over to the Groupon site, there are multiple coupon offers for its subscribers. Members supply their email addresses and everyday there will be a special offer sent directly to their inbox. The site consists of coupons ranging from restaurant deals and getting $20 worth of Borders books for only $10 through Groupon. Subscribers can buy the coupon for the amount given by Groupon, but in order for the coupon to become unlocked, so many people have to buy it first. For example, today’s special is $50 for $100 worth of wall decor. In order for this coupon to become unlocked, 15 people have to purchase it and then “the deal is on,” as Groupon calls it for it becoming unlocked. Finally, you just print the coupon and use it at the designated distributor.

In Facebook’s case, their deals aren’t limited by these restraints. You can purchase the coupon you want and therefore, you’re not restrained by other people having to buy it as well. Facebook doesn’t have an App available for smartphones thus far, but it could be a potential option after they see how receptive their members are in the cities its starting in. Also, News Feeds will feature all the days top coupon offers so no inbox messages to worry about. In essence, this idea seems plausible because it would eliminate the other sites you would have to go through to get coupons. All somebody would have to do is head over to their Facebook page and start saving! Just another way Facebook gears itself to help its members.

If you want to read more about the features Facebook Deals will offer, head on over to the link below to check out the full article. Thank you all for viewing!


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