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It’s Time to Get Bobsled!

T-Mobile has recently partnered with Facebook this past Tuesday to introduce Bobsled, a new application that allows users to call their friends through their Facebook accounts. Brad Duea, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile, stated, “Even though we are a mobile company, we don’t want to be limited to mobile.” T-Mobile wishes to increase their customer reach while providing them with a new outlet to connect with family or friends. We’ve all seen the growing importance of Facebook in the social media community so it was a wise decision by T-Mobile to bring a new aspect to Facebook’s features.

If you’re familiar with Skype, the Bobsled App is similar in use. The App must first be downloaded ( and after installation a telephone icon will appear near your friends name in your chat list. By clicking the icon, you chat session will begin. Be aware that the latest version of Adobe Flash 10.0 and as well as your operating system (i.e. Mozilla or Internet Explorer) must be up-to-date for Bobsled to work. Even if a friend doesn’t have the App downloaded to their Facebook account, you can still call them and they will receive a text write-out requesting them to accept a chat session with you. Now if this still hasn’t interested you, how do the words “it’s free” sound? Users can access this feature for free as well as the friends you call. You can also call friends who are out of the United States and yes, it’s free! We all love free 🙂

What’s also interesting about Bobsled is that you can leave voice messages to your friends as wall postings. The instructions to this process are given by Bobsled, but the personal messages you leave can either be made public or private on their wall. T-Mobile is in the process of making the App accessible through smartphones and they’re trying to implement a video feature to personalize the chat experience. Some may say this is just another type of Skype software, but Bobsled could potentially be more of a success if it’s going through a popular outlet such as Facebook. It’s still too soon to see its success, but it’s definitely something to look out for.

Please head on over to the Bobsled link listed above to download the App if it interests you. I hope you enjoyed the post for the week and until next week everyone. Thank you for reading!

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