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Should MySpace Get A Facelift, or Cease to Exist?

Since Facebook’s domination in the social media community, MySpace has simply become an afterthought with a dwindling user base of 60 million per month. This has also been seen in the social media studies we conduct here at the Center. When asked what forms of social media tools our respondent use, MySpace accounts have become less and less with each passing survey. In today’s article, “Makeover Or Shutdown: What’s The Best Bet For MySpace?,” MySpace is up for sale but whoever is willing to buy has some major cleanup work on their hands.

Generally known for music users now, MySpace has rebranded itself as a “Social Entertainment” site where musicians showcase their bands, songs, and upcoming shows. The site has also seen revamps in its look, which in a way resembles the layout of Facebook, but even the small upkeeps don’t seem to put it back on the map. If MySpace won’t be around for much longer, how will it go away?

To try and save itself from leaving the social community, MySpace was said to have tried to partner with Zynga, a game network currently working with Facebook, to help filter gamers through its site. Also, there have been talks with Vevo, “a site offering music videos supported through ads,” in relation to MySpace becoming a portal for musicians. Even Facebook has incorporated apps for music use, so who knows if being an outlet for musicians will be a saving grace for MySpace to last. In the end, time management and the amount of speed MySpace is willing to put into revamping their site will hold the key for its future.

For a complete look at this week’s article, click on the link below. Hope you enjoyed the blog post for the week, we appreciate the support!


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