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A New Form of Communication: Gmail Motion!

It is my great pleasure to introduce a new form of communication that has just been released by Google this week called Gmail Motion Beta! It’s a fun and easy tool that uses your webcam on your computer to control your Gmail account. Whether you need to send an email, reply to an email, or just want to have some fun, a simple body command can help you perform those tasks. Say you wrote an email and now wish to send it; you make a motion with your hand as if you were licking a stamp and as your hand comes down, your email sends to its recipient.

In our growing age of technology, new advancements are always welcomed-especially those that will keep us active in a way. Google stated, “The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology?” With advancements in electronics such as Kinect and the Wii, people learned video games could be played without the use of controllers or played with bodily interaction. Why shouldn’t the same be possible through our computers? Google’s Gmail Motion is jumping on the bandwagon and leading us away from the basic keyboard and mouse we’ve become accustomed to throughout the years.

If anyone has been intrigued by this newly found creation and would like to try it out, I encourage you to head over to and click on the Gmail Motion link.

Post comments to let me know your thoughts. Enjoy everyone and thank you for reading!


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4 Responses

  1. David Angel says:

    What will we be able to use for Email once Google shuts down Gmail? Please reply!

    David Angel: PhD; M.D.; F.A.C.S.; J.D.
    Chairman and CEO
    Castlemont International Private Equity Fund

    • David Angel says:

      What we be able to use for Email once Google discontinues
      Gmail. I would like to get prepared for the conversion.

      Please reply. thank you.

      • Hi Mr. Angel, we are not sure if they will discontinue Gmail, but this will be an update to Gmail. You will be able to control your account with motions as we describe in our post. I believe this is still in beta, but we don’t they will ever go away with Gmail altogether, but Gmail Motion may be an update for users in later times to use if they wish.

        We hope this answers your question, please keep following us! We appreciate your comments!


        Center for Marketing Research

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