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Foursquare … What is it Really?

It seems to be common for me to run into individuals who are unfamiliar with Foursquare. When we conduct our social media studies at the Center, it’s one of the tools we use to ask the recipients if they’re familiar with it or if they use it. Unfortunately, it seems to be amongst the few types people aren’t too sure of, so I thought it was relevant to explain what Foursquare is and what it’s used for.

Foursquare is a location-based social networking service, according to the article “What is Foursquare?” from The Week.  The site is primarily used for letting your friends know where you are. You “check-in” (Foursquare’s term) using your mobile device, to either the mall or to a restaurant and your friends are able to see where you are on their map. The goal to Foursquare is to earn “badges” and points for checking-in to certain spots multiple times. Depending on how frequent you check-in to a particular place, you can become “mayor” of that area. For example, if you check-in to a Starbucks five times, you can earn a “Barista badge.”

Businesses take Foursquare seriously and they’ve found ways to utilize its features. The article states Foursquare has over “1.4 million venues logged in its system, with 1,200 businesses offering special deals to people who check-in via Foursquare.” Companies on Foursquare give special promotions to those who visit their locations the most, so it’s not only beneficial for the company, but also their visitors. It’s a fun way to interact with your friends and earn rewards in the process to the places you check-in the most. Also, Foursquare allows you to review your “check-in history” so you can see where you go most often, who you may have met there, and where all your money is going! Overall, it’s a great site that I encourage you to join and to start taking advantage of the perks that come along with it.

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