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Myths About the Youth Market

In the article “Five Myths About the Youth Market: Busted,” Amy Henry discusses some misconceptions firms face when they market to the youth. Because the youth market has become increasing important with a spending power of approximately $40 billion, its key that firms learn how to market to them effectively. Her article sheds light on what firms can do to reinvent or to rethink how they market to this age bracket through the clichĂ©s she tries to clarify.

The myths you’ll be introduced to in her article:

  • Mom’s approval is the kiss of death
  • Healthy messages are key for today’s kids, tweens, and teens
  • You’re not connecting with today’s youth if you’re not social networking
  • Boys will be boys, and girls will be both
  • Kids are getting older younger

Each myth is presented with a clear description as to what is commonly thought of when you hear each topic and she lists at the end some “key takeaways” from that section. For example, in the “Kids are getting older younger” section, Henry explains that children are exposed to more media and more adult situations in the world, but if you talk to them their attitudes still seem to be very innocent. Our media outlets sometimes gear more toward adult references, but we need to know when and where the appropriate time to use them is. Henry states in her “takeaway” section for this topic that if firms seek “where their target really is,” they will see its success.

For a full look at the complete article, please click on the link below. Enjoy!


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