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Top 10 Ways to Make Twitter Your Brand’s Best Friend

We hear everyone talking about how Facebook and Twitter have become two of the most leading social media tools today, but are we clear on how to manage them effectively? An article by Ryan Holmes, “Top 10 Ways to Make Twitter Your Brand’s Best Friend,” lists 10 key ways firms can help promote their brands more efficiently, earn customer goodwill, and build brand awareness. If firms engage in the proper discussions their customers are Tweeting, these goals can be achieved. He lists in his article the reader will learn how to:

  • Track conversations about your brand and your competition
  • Select the influencers in your audience
  • Target your messaging
  • Achieve and measure success

Holmes goes on to explain different elements under each heading discussing how firms should search keywords their customers use such as, slang and misspellings of the firm’s brand because what the firm may use may not be the same lingo as their customers. Depending on what the brand tracking or Google analytics discover, the firm should engage in those conversations to either thank the customer for mentioning the brand or intercede in complaint messages to remedy the issue. If companies become more involved in their customers dialogues they have real-time access to them, driving their company’s “innovation and adaption.” He explains how to use different measurements to gauge how your firm’s Twitter page is doing and he lists a website users can utilize that will help spread their company’s brand through key influencers. Lastly, when you Tweet be human! Let your personality shine through and it allows your customers to connect with the person behind the Tweet.

The article overall was informative and it gave easy to follow tips which will aid companies in better promoting their brand and making their Twitter account more effective. For more details on the article, check out the link listed below. Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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