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Tourism Director Uses Center’s Study to Make Improvements

The Center is pleased to announce Tourism Director Christopher Richard plans to use our tourism survey, recently conducted by students, to gain insight into how he can improve promoting tourism in Fairhaven. Mr. Richard worked with Prof. Barnes’ Marketing Research class and based upon the two surveys, one on businesses and one on tourism, the results will help him in creating a new revised plan on tourism. The survey found that people who visit Fairhaven are often here on business or to visit family. They are more likely to research hotels, restaurants and activities online than through print media. In a growing age of social media, it seemed pertinent for Mr. Richard to add an online component and therefore, he’s moving more of his advertising dollars to the Internet. He’s already created a Facebook page which features some of the activities and attractions Fairhaven houses.

Selectman Michael Silvia states promoting tourism is important in terms of economic development and the survey will not tweak what Selectmen, a Representative Town Meeting form of government, is doing but it’ll reorder what they’re doing. “We need to attract people who are not coming here, says Silvia. Selectman Brian K. Babcock also said the town needs “new ideas” for promoting tourism.

To read the rest of the article, head over to the link listed below. Enjoy and safe driving to everyone!


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