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10 Mistakes Companies Make With Social Media

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to creating social media accounts, but do we really understand how to use them to their fullest potential? Companies, nonprofits, and government agencies are experiencing these problems and are therefore failing to see a return on their investment into the social networking community. According to The Washington Post, Steven Overly composed 10 common mistakes organizations make as they embark into the social media channel. Also, if you visit’s blog (listed below) they also list several ways companies make mistakes with social media.

It seems to be a commonality with some organizations that they don’t have a clear goal or plan when they create a social media account. They may see another company getting a Facebook or Twitter account and think they should do the same to stay competitive, but what’s the real purpose? What’s the long-term plan for the channel? If you were to ask an organization what social media success is, it’s hard to gain a clear response to the question because the metrics to measure it are undefined. According to the High Talk article, companies need to have a consistent plan for their social media content, have proper engagement with their followers, and their social networks should be managed by a certain person who holds the different accounts together. As for The Washington Post’s article, Overly explains companies shouldn’t give their social media efforts to inexperienced staff members and companies should define which accounts best suit their company’s efforts instead of being on all of them at once. All in all, both articles highlight key concepts and pitfalls companies run into when trying to utilize the ever growing social media networks.

I encourage everyone to check out the link to The Washington Post’s and High Talk’s article below to understand how to avoid these pitfalls. Enjoy the reading and stay warm and safe! Until next time …


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