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10 Ways Social Media Will Change In 2011

Social media has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Companies are integrating more of the social media tools into their company structures to build brand awareness, but most importantly, to stay connected with their consumers. In the article “10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011,” Ravit Lichtenberg expands on her two year look into how social media will evolve in the upcoming year 2011. In her forecast for 2009, she touched upon the meaning of “social media” and what it entailed. Lichtenberg predicted it would be a year of “building relationships online” and in her 2010 forecast she expanded her research into “connectedness” and the impact it would have on consumers and companies. Now, in her latest article, she presents ten ways in which our social media technologies will move towards its application phase with respect towards companies, our relationships with others, and information. Social media will continue to change and shape how we do business and interact with others, but instead of it being the newest thing on the block, it’s proven to be a customary tool on how we do business today.

Lichtenberg’s article states ten ways social media will change and some examples are: social media will be supersized; mobile will become our gateway to the world; video will be everywhere; psychology is shifting; and ROI (return on investments) will be redefined. In my opinion, mobile devices will become increasingly popular in 2011 in respect to the social additives that providers will incorporate. It’s amazing to witness what phones can do, or should I say what they can’t do. We’ll see users interacting more with others and businesses through their smartphones, iPhones, and iPads rather than on our computers, Ravit explains. We have to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, because if we don’t, we’re going to be left in the dust.

I encourage all of you to view Lichtenberg’s article which I’ve listed below. It’s a great read and it will definitely open your eyes towards what’s yet to come …


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