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Sometimes, Social Media has become too much to handle.

Between having to update your status on Facebook, tweet regularly on Twitter, and getting your blog as up-to-date as possible, many companies find it daunting to update all these soc ail media networks one by one. This becomes even more of a problem when much of their information on each site is repetitive. In an age where people are receiving information instantly, the time companies need to put into updating each site individually can keep them from managing their social media effectively. Well fear not social media gurus, there is a solution to your time crunch. A recent article by the Business Insider lists 10 websites that are available to help users manage all their social media pages in one click.

The article goes through each site and explains the pros and cons to each management tool, helping you find which site will be best fit to your needs! In one “update” these sits post the information to all the content you have linked. One page, one click. Visit for more information.


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