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Statistics Suprise for Social Media Use

Typically technology is a term closely associated with the demographic of Generation Y (those born between the years of 1982–1995).  While you may think your parents are “too old” for Facebook or Twitter,  they are the ones leading the pack in some ways.

According to a report posted by Citrix Online, Generation X’ers (those aged 31-44), tend to be the workers who most use social networking for business, followed by the Baby Boomers. The Boomers are also more likely to share information via text message (47%) in comparison Generation Y(which listed at only 26%).

As Generation Y enters the work force, they will be surprised by who their competition is. In the past year, Baby Boomers increased their social media usage for businesses by 79%, and currently Generation Y is the least likely to use these tools for business use.

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