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Negative Facebook Feedback Brings Back Old Gap Logo

When a company uses Facebook and other social media outlets to promote changes to their company, they get a response almost immediately. Many will agree that the information spreads quickly through the viral web, and that this is a huge advantage. This certainly was the case for retail giant Gap.

After recently making a change to their twenty year logo, Gap thought they would boost sales with their new look. As soon as the new logo was launched on their website, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter exploded in negative response to the new logo. More than 2,000 comments were posted via Facebook regarding the new logo change. Gap also found an additional 5,000 followers on Twitter all stemming from the uproar to the new logo.

Within one weeks time, the negative outcry via these social media sites caused Gap to go back to their old logo.

While the response to the new logo was negative, Gap was able to pull some positives. Clearly their old logo is iconic among the public which drives home the notion of strong brand loyalty. The traffic through their website has also increased exponentially in past weeks in response to the change.

Gap is now using their Facebook and Twitter sites to recognize the loyalty of their customers. Since the backlash to the new logo Gap has expressed that they are ready for change and want the input of their consumers. They will use sites like Facebook and Twitter to gather ideas and input for a new logo in the future.

Once again, Gap has proven that no PR, is bad PR. For more information on Gap and the logo change, visit this link.


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