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It’s hip to be square, FourSquare that is….

Where are you? At your favorite store, eating at your favorite restaurant, just getting back to campus? The newest phenomenon to hit social media is the popular log in site that encourages members to explore their city in a new way.  Quite possibly the biggest thing to hit tourism since The Hilton family, FourSquare is being used to get people to explore new locations in their town, and earn badges & points for each location they “check-in” to. The more badges you earn, the more important you become. As members earn points they can become iconic in their  cyber-towns, and be labeled as the mayor of a location registered on FourSquare.

The new tool is not just for new businesses looking to boost traffic through their establishments. College campuses have jumped on the bandwagon hoping to encourage students to attend events on campus. Loyola University recently joined stating, ““Foursquare is a great venue to promote our programs and events,” said Heather Roundtree, director of Co-Curricular Programs. “It’s another way for our campus to be interconnected and engaging. Foursquare is just another way we have continued to keep the momentum towards incorporating social media outlets here on campus.” For more on Loyola University and their addition to FourSquare, visit For more information on FourSquare, visit


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