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Taking our own advice…

Each week our posts tend to circulate around the constant growth and buzz of social media. Much of the research conducted in the Center also attempts to find out who is using what social media tools to communicate to their target. A recent study completed by Nielsen found that Americans spent over 900 hours on social media networking sites in the month of June. It is no surprise then that companies world-wide are investing the time and resources into maintaining up to date blogs, informative Facebook pages, and communicating with customers through minute by minute tweets. Companies are making their presence known through several social media outlets, whether for brand recognition, positive customer experience, or to see growth of the bottom line. At the end of each study, it is consistently recommended that companies  keep up with technology and invest in these resources. Here at the Center, we are finally heeding our own advice.

In addition to this blog and our website, fans and friends alike can now access us through our recently added Facebook Page, and follow the Center’s director, Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes on Twitter! We will keep you posted on latest trends in social media usage, in addition to being the best way to keep on our most recently published research.

Please feel free to subscribe to our feeds, become our friend, or follow us. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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