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Emergency! Better tweet to get help!

A study by the American Red Cross found that one in five of the people surveyed would use social media as a means to get help in an emergency if 9-1-1  systems were unavailable. Twitter posts, Facebook statuses, and e-mails to close network friends have officially become a dependent backup plan during emergencies for many people. Nearly half of the respondents would contact a person in their social network, as opposed to the 35% who would post a direct message on a response agencies site.

For those posting to response agency networking sites, those surveyed expect timely views and response. Nearly 75% expected emergency contacts to respond within the hour.

With the dramatic rise in social media use, Red Cross is taking advantage of this new communication outlet as a means to respond to crisis. A meeting is set for the end of this week among government leaders and emergency response organizations to discuss a better way to navigate this shift in emergency communication.

For more on the survey and this article, please visit:


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