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Twitter shows no signs of slowing down…

20 Billionth Tweet

On Saturday, Twitter reached their 20 billionth tweet. The tweet was sent out by a graphic designer in Tokyo who was replying to another Twitter account member. According to an MSNBC article. 12% of all tweets originate from Tokyo. Much of the popularity may be attributed to the fact that Japanese characters can express more than the characters in the English language. With the limit of only 140 characters per tweet, the assertion has been made in languages with more diverse characters

Whatever the language, Twitter  has become an international phenomenon ever since its creation in 2006, and it only continues to grow. Twitter reached 15 billion tweets two months ago, and was at 10 billion tweets a mere 5 months ago. However, quantity does not seem to be the greatest indicator of the “micro-blog’s” quality. Many tweets are considered to be “noise” and are not always well received by their attended audience. Even with the risk, celebrities & high-profile companies view it as a bigger one to NOT be on Twitter.

To find out more about Twitter’s recent accomplishment, go to

If you are interested in finding out more about companies and their Twitter use, stay tuned as we will be posting the most recent results of the Fortune 500 and their use of social media tools!


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