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Taking Social Media to the Next Level

A recent article published by a writer at Dow Jones Newswires discusses how social media marketing efforts have transformed companies. Big industry players such as Proctor & Gamble and Ford have seen dramatic increases in sales and positive changes in their overall business. Proctor & Gambles “webommercials” for their product Old Spice has created a 107 % increase in sales due to their popular “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa. Ford distributed their brand new Fiesta vehicles to 100 of the most socially active web users of more than 4,000 applicants. Each of the 100 users were given the Fiestas to test drive for 6 months. The popular social media campaign resulted in a 14% sales conversion rate, which was 10 times more than what Ford had seen in the past. If one thing is to be taken away from the entire article, it is what Jononathan Kopp, partner and director of Ketchum Digital, stated about the measurements of social media marketing, “There’s no single standard [to measure social media] because the value must be defined by the organization’s goals,”. To read more on this article and other popular social media efforts, go to:


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