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Troy Brown Inspires Young Scholars at 10th Annual Umass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research Celebrity/Scholarship Dinner!

On March 30, 2010, Troy Brown was the Keynote speaker at our 10th Annual Celebrity/Scholarship Dinner hosted at the Venus de Milo in Swansea, Ma.

The evening started off as most events involving Troy Brown do. He spent time meeting fans, taking pictures, and signing autographs. However, his presence at the dinner grew into much more.

The dinner began with speeches from a variety of community leaders. Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes, the event coordinator and Center Director, spoke with much admiration and thanks for Brown’s presence at the dinner. Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Jean MacCormack, and Dean of the Charlton College of Business, Dr. Susan Engelkeymeyer, spoke with much praise for the football legend. Brown was also presented with several gifts from the Umass community and political leaders. Following the introductions, Troy handed out 22 scholarship awards, taking a picture and shaking the hands with each individual winner.

Following the ceremony guests had the pleasure, and honor, of listening to Brown discuss his life and career experiences. He talked about how a $500 scholarship helped lead him to the career stardom he experienced with the New England Patriots. He talked about the challenges he faced in his early life, and the lessons he learned that inspired him to work hard and take advantages of opportunities. Brown shared intimate details about his family, and the life he led previous to being a football phenomenon. His first job consisted of loading watermelons on large trucks in South Carolina during the sweltering summer months.

“While most kids used the money to go out, mine went toward electric and water bills at home” Brown mentioned of his earnings. This only reinforced Brown’s image as a hard worker who never turned down an opportunity to contribute.

It was toward the end of his speech that Brown truly humbled himself. He spoke of his career failures and mistakes, and how those experiences only encouraged him to work harder. He urged the scholarship winners to do the same.

“Take the ball, and run. You are going to fumble at times, and make mistakes. But just pick the ball back up, and run with it.”

Brown’s speech, filled with humor and inspiration, ended with a roaring applause and a standing ovation. Troy’s words resonated with not only the scholarship winners, but the 300 other community members who were in attendance.

The evening was a huge success for everyone involved, and preparations have already begun for next year! Be sure to check back to hear about details for next year.

In other news, the Center for Marketing Research is accepting looking for companies interested in working with our Marketing Research program. Please stay tuned to the blog for more information about our program!


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