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Google Improving It’s Marketing Skills!!

According to Google, mobile devices that customers rook along with them on shopping trips were responsible for slightly less than 1 TRILLION dollars of in-store sales. In other words, a whopping 28% of in-store sales were made with the influence of a smart device. To us here at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, these facts are music to our ears. It goes to show how much advancement has been achieved and the level of importance in regards to smart phones and model devices.

Below are the new features added as part of the revamp

  • “I-Want-to-Know” ~ This feature provides immediate answers to questions that users may have regarding name brands, pricing, discounting, local, etc. Many users quickly swipe trough ads as they shop. The feature gently expands the ad section of the screen when you touch it thereby detailing further information on your products. It will be available in the coming months on all platforms.
  • “I-Want-to-Go” ~ Time is of the essence, and a quarter of shoppers state the will stay away from stores simply to avoid wasting their time or they don’t have any time at all. Soon this feature will help users pinpoint where their desired item is and even directions on how to get there.
  • “I-Want-to-Buy” ~ User engagement is the key. Hence this idea was conceived. This feature makes for a fast, simple, and pleasant experience while purchasing a product directly in the web browser. Users should view this as a hybrid consisting of a regular website and mobile app. A select group of retailers have paired up with Google.

Tell us what you think!! Information was gathered from the link below and you can visit the page for further information.

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Good Twitter News!!

Often times, the original purpose of Twitter is debatable among your peers. Some argue that it was conceived as a platform to give short and fast updates to your friends. While others counter that it was built to give frequent bursts of artifacts about your daily activities, especially travel. Several other “theories” and “hypotheses” exist among users. We at the Center for Marketing Research do not have to inform you that people have used it improperly by tweeting enough content to fill a personal journal.

All reasoning, intentions, and actual usage aside…initially one should be surprised that Twitter even has a private chat room, Direct Message (DM for short). Up until very recently users were limited to 140 characters to match the good ole’ Twitter spirit of small statement batches. Now, however, the restriction has been lifted!! The new update sees users with *10,000* character spaces at their disposal. This has been a very welcome and popular update, although some users are a but uneasy. The future will tell if Twitter made friendly communication easier or if cyber harassment more common. Readers, please enjoy your accounts! Use them nicely!

Give us your feedback and

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Facebook Watches All Your Videos!

Here at the Center for Marketing research we are sure that by now you’ve noticed your Facebook news feed has been tailored to your reflect your needs and interests. No, that is not a constantly reoccurring coincidence or stroke of luck. Facebook has gone to great lengths to make it’s advertising and information sharing more relevant to its users and its effectiveness is definitive. Now the company has decided to increase said effectiveness by taking new measures!

So exactly how does Facebook watch each video that ALL its users watch? In all reality it does not but what it really does is record the data of videos you’ve watched. It keeps track of what you watched and how long you watched it. The more videos you watch, the higher videos will appear on your newsfeed. And of course, they will be videos with content that fits into your lifestyle. This is a great improvement because users have said they have seen videos in the past, but never felt inclined to engage themselves. This new protocol has lead to more viewing, commenting, and sharing which has delivered more information to users around the world.

Want to know more on this new Facebook protocol? Check out here at

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Spam Volume Plunges

We all know and have come to not love but DISLIKE the spam aspect of email and online communication. Anyone who is old enough to remember using beloved would understand the daily annoyance of logging in, hearing the charming “you’ve got mail”, then noticing you have spam to delete. Chances are you’ve also had to browse through the spam folder to be sure nothing important was deemed spam. Well, there’s good news! For the first time since 2003, spam accounts for less than 50% of all emails.

Security firm Symantec reports that the percentage has fallen 1.8% to a total of 49.7% of all emails being spam. As mentioned earlier it took 12 years from September of 2003 to reach this point. Email users are not the only ones thrilled. Companies dedicated to fighting spam finally have hard proof their methods are effective. There has also been legal prosecution successfully target botnets. Other reasons for decreased spam include faster reaction times by network providers, improved blocking, and more effective filtering.

Other findings the report generated are:

  • 6 million new malware variants were created in June up from 44.5 million pieces of malware created in May and 29.2 million in April
  • Ransomware attack has increased for the second month in a row and cryto-ransomware has reached it highest levels since December 2014

For the full article, visit at

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Apple’s New Safari Browser Blocks Ads?

Is this really happening?! Is APPLE, with their enviable marketing strategies, updating a browser and including ad blocking with it?! Yes, it appears such is true. Though it was not at the forefront of Apples’ mentions during their recent keynote announcements, it is a fairly big deal. This is a double-edge sword: users will be thrilled while marketing firms and employees will be horrified!

To all the users out there…adblcoking according to a 2014 study was up 70% in recent years with about 140 blocking ads around the world. We are sure you will keep that up. Until now you were limited to doing so only on a desktop computers, never including mobile devices. Previously special software had to be run and when it finished executing would block ads from the screen. This was a fairly complicated process, but now Apple is introducing a simple app extension to handle it all for you.

To all those involved with marketing…quite frankly this could be a problem, although iOS9 isn’t available until the fall. Also, may we remind you that this only applies to products running Apple’s Safari browser. Of the sites to be effected, one could argue that news companies (especially those who have shifted from papers to digital) will be most affected. Website cookies may also be at risk by this update. That being said, it’s fair to warn that now may be good timing to make changes. This also applies to all sites heavily using ads to help fund their operations.

As always, we want to hear from you! Feedback and opinion from both users and marketers are encouraged. For more information visit

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Best Time of the day for Twitter

We’ve all come to love and cherish Twitter. Surely, we all know someone who absolutely abuses their account, and the TL (time line) of all their followers. Of course, we all know someone who barely uses his or her account. But one aspect we often forget is that some people only tweet during a given window of time. Honestly speaking, everyone has taken a moment to come up with ways to gain twitter popularity. In this blog post, we will cover the best timing for certain activities to occur.

  1. Most views: early morning hours. The data collected by Buffer Social has a calculated average the early morning hours sees the most views. One could imagine people waking up and the first thing they do is turning on their phone and scrolling through their TL.
  2. Most favorites/Retweets: The data proved suggests evening & late night sees the most favorting and retweeting. This must be the time of day people (especially teens) are sitting around on their mobile devices searching through what their friends have to say.
  3. Most Engagement: opposite of most popular time to tweet according the to data. One could infer that most users express their thoughts and share stories all around the same time. Later, they will read, favorite, retweet and comment on other’s tweets. Hence, the opposite timing.

We at the Center for Marketing Research find this information to be very interesting. Surely, this will be a great help for businesses and marketing firms across the world. To our future business owners good luck and put this information to good use!

For more information visit

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Cyber Security

Oh the Cyber Security conversation…. wait you haven’t had it? Well then you must not be a frequent user of social media. If you were, then you’d surely remember celebrities’ private pictures being released in 2014. At some point it’s inevitable to avoid seeing a tweet sent from a hacked account. Of course those on TV whom we all love dearly are not the only ones at risk. The following are some others that you might not think immediately, but probably already know about.

  • Medical! Most younger social media users probably wouldn’t understand why the medical field is such a target. Believe it or not, medical records can be valuable in the wrong hands. Magazines would love to obtain embarrassing medical information on celebrities. Surely campaigning government officials would like to make their competition seem unhealthy and therefore unfit to run for office.
  • Government! How many times have you heard of cyber threats against the United States’ Government servers? It’s is always an interesting ordeal to think a person sitting at home in distance location could penetrate government systems and obtain sensitive national information. The threats that come from foreign counties such as China and Russia are downright alarming. It has been said that the next World War could be of cyber nature.
  • Banks! Hacking schemes are becoming more sophisticated. These days, they can remotely install malware onto a machine and funnel information straight to there screens. One scheme in particular is responsible for the theft of up to $1 billion from over 100 banks in 30 countries according to USA Today. See link 2 below

Be careful! Even your personal computers at home are at risk. For some tips and guidance regarding cyber security and how to protect yourself, Click link #1 down below. Be safe!


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4th of July

Wishing you a very happy United States of America Independence Day and a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend.

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Social Media & Traveling

It is summer, class has ended, the weather is great (sometimes) and people are spending their time traveling. Let’s be honest… social media has a huge impact on the world of travel. Need to know how? There are a few different ways that you wouldn’t necessarily realize at first. We will cover them below.

Deals~ In previous posts we’ve explained how companies use social media to advertise their products. Airlines, bus lines, cruise companies, amusement parks etc. are no exception. You will never meet a social media user that hasn’t seen a hotel offering discounts for upcoming dates. “stays going hard” as teens say with their advertisement and sales campaigns. That last trip you took; did you visit a travel site like Expedia at least once?
Ideas~ Social media users are always retweeting, pinning, and sharing pictures of beautiful scenery. Could those pictures include a beautiful Los Angeles sunset? How about a crisp Denver mountain covered in snow surrounded by evergreen trees? Let’s not forget about that Chicago skyline or NYC streets. If you were thinking international you’d log in and see the Italy waterways. You also might find the sand and pyramids in Egypt. How about the Beijing Olympic Park? Go ahead, check your social media pages.
Friends~ How many times have your friends posted pictures from the airport? How many times have you seen your friends wearing those cute little bathing suits on a beach in some tropical paradise? We at the Center for Marketing Research do believe if we conducted a study, seeing those pictures would lead to a strong desire (and some jealousy) to travel to a similar destination. Just take a look at the comments. You’re bound to find at least one jealous remark.
Bragging rights~Following up from your friends, be honest: you want to make them jealous too. You know part of your reason for traveling is for the bragging rights and to make your friends jealous like you were. Your travel pictures would surely bring in my likes, favorites, retweets, and shares. It’s always cool to say, “Hey, I’ve been there” when you see the area online or on TV.

That’s what we have to say about social media and traveling. We want your feedback. Tell us what you think! Share some of your experiences with social media and travels!

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Top Social Media Benefits

Of the tons of benefits social media brings to small businesses, have you ever wondered which are at the top of the list? Well has you covered, and so does the UMD Marketing Center. Hubspot conducted a survey in 2014 and concluded that about 92% of marketers from surveys pointed out the importance of social media marketing.  Therefore, social media earned a spot on the list of as one of the most important leading sources for online professionals surveyed for that report. Below are 4 of the top 8 benefits as outlined in the article.

  1. Social Media Marketing Increases Website Traffic and Search Ranking – It’s 2015 okay, 2K15, we all know the importance of a website to a business. This goes especially for small businesses trying to reach success. A website is a gateway to many aspects of a business including sales, advertisement, and contact information. 
  2. Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Awareness  A business without brand awareness will not survive long. Publicity is one of the most powerful aspects of a business and it’s a double-edged sword. There’s good and bad publicity, but social media has infinite potential for good publicity.
  3. Social Media Marketing Increases Sales  Seeing products the addictive social media environment leaves a lasting impression. A growing trend in business is holding sales exclusively on their social media accounts. Pins, retweets, and shares become very powerful when a sale is happening.
  4. Social Media Marketing Improves Brand Loyalty – One of the most important aspects of the business world is longevity. Low customer retention/high turnover does not produce longevity. But social media can handle that!

Of course, there many more benefits to social media. Thanks for reading these four we felt were invaluable. If this interested you, you can read more at read more at

UMass Dartmouth Web Team




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