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Be a Part in a New Study!!!

Readers, here is a chance to be a part of a new study.

The study is actually a class project focusing on Millinnials and Social Commerce. This survey should take no more than five short minutes of your time. It would be a great help, and we’d really appreciate it. Please visit this page You can also visit the site to see last years’ results. Would you please help us out?

Thank you!

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Social Media: Who is Top Dog, Among Adults?

Following up from last week’s post focused on the country’s youth, here is the scene from the adults’ POV. At the end of 2013 about 73% of adults declared they use at least one social media platform. Well, Facebook is still sitting on its throne of solid gold. Given is margin of victory currently at close to 50% over its nearest competitor it’s safe to assume that dominance will not be diminish any time soon. Congratulations to Facebook on its gold medal.

As for the silver medal, this is where the competition stiffens. There are four networks that command about twenty percent of adult users. Distinguishing itself as a professional social media platform targeting networking, job hunting, and professional information is LinkedIn. Boasting a 22% share of users, LinkedIn would collect the silver medal. Close behind it claiming the bronze would be Pintrest with a 21% share of users. Though beloved by the youth, Twitter has to settle for 4th place with 18%.

Aside from comparisons, the social media platforms as a whole are doing very well. Each of the previously mentioned have grown in terms of usage ranging from 2% to 5%. If you have a stake in the social media market, you should be very pleased.

Visit this link for further information.

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Social Media: Who is the Top Dog?

These days it has become extremely hard, maybe even next to impossible, to find an American teen who is not a user of social media. If you were to ask one of the tens of millions of those users which is their choice social media platform, the winner may surprise you. Facebook has longtime been regarded as the biggest name in the industry. However, it would be fair to argue that many adults and businesses use the platform which boots its popularity. These days, teens still heavily use Facebook but have moved on to nurture some additional, newer platforms. If this were the Olympics, Facebook would earn the bronze medal, Twitter would receive  silver, and  Instagram (owned by Facebook) would be crowned the Olympic Champion. Yes, Instagram. This is a relatively new platform in which its users upload and share pictures and short videos to their followers. Others can hit the like button to express their approval and leave comments for users to see. A recent study by CBS News found the percentage of teen users to be as follows


Fall 2014: 76 percent

Spring 2014: 69 percent

Average: 73


Fall 2014: 59 percent

Spring 2014: 63 percent

Average: 61


Fall 2014: 45 percent

Spring 2014: 72 percent

Average: 59

You can infer that teens probably enjoy a library of their friends pictures on Instagram more than the incredible power house of Facebook and the billions of frequent updates on Twitter. Below is a link to the CBS News study.

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Today’s Hot Topic: Ebola Virus Desease

Today’s Hot Topic: Ebola. Yes, just about everyone has heard of it. Unfortunately this diseases has become a household conversation as of recent. If you haven’t heard of it, here is some background information. Symptoms of the disease are usually detected about 2 or 3 weeks after it is contracted. In addition to a visible rash and decreased effectiveness of the liver and kidneys the symptoms include a resemblance of the Flu.

It seems that it originated from the continent of Africa. Since then there have been numerous cases confirmed in the United States. Many citizens have been alarmed and experienced discomfort by the threat it poses. Hospitals and schools among others have begun new protocols to minimize any risks.

Users have taken to social media to voice their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Statements such as “Ebola making it’s mark on the U.S? Time whip up a vaccine” have popped up. Young adults and teens are making remarks such as “Yo I’m not about this Ebola life tho” and some even show their bravery with “Ebola? I’m not even worried. Come get me!” At the moment, Ebola is the #1 trending topic world wide on Twitter.

Log on, see what action is going on!

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News Through Social Media

Newspapers used to be a top method to obtain news from. Next came websites such as Yahoo! (which is still a “top dog”) that have frequently upating hot topics sections. Fast forward to current times, social media has proven to be a favorite among those seeking news. Thanks to innovative features across many social media platforms, news is available on an entirely new and greater level. Facebook and Twitter have sections for trending topics embedded directly onto their pages. Users log on, and immediately find bits of news. YouTube also has similar features that allow users to view freshly filmed newshflashes. Let’s not forget that news stations, radio stations, and newspaper companies often maintain their own pages. When a user likes (or dislikes) a piece, they share it to their own pages allowing their friends to view it and offer their own insight. This has been an immense success for the news providers. Teens have access to the latest celebrity gossip and information on topics ranging from television shows to new music. BUT, these news features are not limited to young men and women. No, in fact adults have caught onto these newly created platforms. A recently conducted study shows that about 30% of adults who use Facebook had indeed use it for news. A new potential has been unlocked for news to be broadcast to users worldwide in the form that many have come to love and depended on- social media.

Here is a link to the study on adults and social media news.

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New Ecommerce Platform: Twitter

A new topic that has recently surface in regards to Twitter is the recently announced “Buy” button. How does this wok? Exactly how it sounds; one would press said button, be asked for shipping and payment information, then simply wait for their merchandise to arrive in the coming days. A feature already put in place on the social media giant is tweet promoting. Companies can now pay Twitter to promote them. This means that you’ll scroll down your tweet list (often abbreviated as “TL”) and find a tweet advertising a certain company. This has allows companies to achieve an entirely new level of exposure that did not even exist more than say, 6 years ago. In addition to the tweeting, Facebook has an automatic advertisement section in the upper right side of their page. Data from a search you did on Google among other methods is captured and stored. When you log onto your account, something related to that search will be displayed in that area. Goodbye outdated, useless, and annoying advertisement. In conclusion, social media is an effective and innovative tool. Just be careful not to spend all your money!

A link to the article on the new Buy button

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The 2014 Fortune 500 and Social Media: LinkedIn Dominates As Use of Newer Tools Explodes

Conducted by:
Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., and Ava M. Lescault, MBA
Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Fortune Magazine annually compiles a list of America’s largest corporations, aptly named the “Fortune 500” (F500) given their size and wealth. Due to the hugely influential role that these companies play in the business world, studying their adoption and use of social media tools offers important insights into the future of commerce. These corporations provide a look at emergent social media trends among America’s most successful companies.
Each May the list of the top 500 corporations is released in a special issue of Fortune Magazine. The F500 list includes publicly and privately held companies for which revenues are publicly available. For more information on the methodology used to select the F500 corporations, please visit
In 2008, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research released one of the first studies on social media adoption among the F500 and has repeated that study every year since. The study has been expanded over the years to include the usage of the fastest growing social media platforms and tools (Instagram, Google+, Foursquare and Pinterest), the business networking platform LinkedIn as well as indicators of engagement (such as the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers).

Here are the Key findings of this study:
• In 2014, 157 companies (31%) had corporate blogs showing a decrease of 3% in use of this tool in the past year.
• Companies blogging include two of the top five corporations (Wal-Mart Stores and Exxon Mobil), leaving the other three (Chevron, Apple and Berkshire Hathaway) without a public-facing blog.
• 413 companies (83%) of the Fortune 500 have corporate Twitter accounts with a tweet in the past thirty days. This represents a 6% increase since 2013.
• Facebook, in its second year on the Fortune 500 list, has the highest number of followers on Twitter, followed by Starbucks, Microsoft, Walt Disney Company, Whole Foods Market, Inc., Nike, Inc., and Intel Corporation. They also have the most Facebook fans along with Coca-Cola, The Walt Disney Company and Starbucks Corporation.
• 401 companies (80%) of the Fortune 500 are now on Facebook. This represents a 10% increase since 2013.
• In the past year, Foursquare enjoyed the largest increase in adoption (42%), while Pinterest use increased by 27% and Instagram by 12%.

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What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing concept with copy space

Good afternoon everyone! Today we come to you with some information on the Cloud, an internet based storage system used by most companies today . Mobile apps and PC software are becoming inseparable from the cloud. Many services, including iCloud and Google+ Photos, automatically back up photos you take with your smart phone. Health care providers store your medical records in the cloud, insurance companies put your claims there and friends post photos of you on Facebook and they end up there. It’s becoming increasingly hard to avoid your information getting stored on this internet storage juggernaut.

Read the full article by clicking the link below.

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Europe Declares War on Facebook


Hello everyone! Today we come to you with some intriguing social media news. Europe is basically declaring war against Facebook by opening up a huge lawsuit. The reasoning is because apparently Facebook’s privacy policy violates EU law.  It gets interesting because rather than go it alone as the David to Facebook’s Goliath, they opened the floodgates by inviting any user outside the U.S. and Canada to join the suit. 

Read the full article by clicking the link below.

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Facebook Now Takes Up About As Much Of Our Times As Grooming And Chores

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 7.31.24 PM

Good afternoon everyone! Today we have some interesting Facebook news. After some new usage statistics came out, it became known that American Facebook members spend an average of 40 minutes per day on Facebook. That’s about as much time as we devote to chores and personal grooming. Zuckerberg shared the statistic on Facebook usage during an earnings call Wednesday, and qualified it by saying he still sees ample room for growth.

Read the full article here:

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